Top Dollar Appraisal Services

We can appraise for Estates, Insurance, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Liquidation, or any other need.  All of our certified appraisals produce a computerized and itemized appraisal report with as many report copies as you need.

We are offer Certified Appraisals for any non real estate property type, performing both Personal and Business Appraisals.  

Our Personal Appraisal specialties include coins, stamps, antiques, titled vehicles, boats, and powersports equipment.

For Business Appraisals we specialize in appraisal for construction and heavy quipment, commercial vehicles and trucks, farm equipment and implements, industrial machinery, commercial property, and retail inventory.  

Call Matt today at (217) 343-3400 to discuss your appraisal needs. 

Personal Property Appraisals

Need to know a value for an Estate, Divorce, Bankruptcy, or Insurance value?  We appraise all types of personal property!

Certified Appraisals

Our Certified Appraisals produce a computerized item by item report of value for your records.

Business Property Appraisals

If your business needs to know accurate values of equipment, inventory, or merchandise, consider one of our detailed Business Property Appraisals.